•  A move will take the Snowflake House to NJ (or back to Sarasota) for the 2016 season! We are taking this 2015 season off to complete a move back to the NE. We'll miss our IL community who showed up and supported us in 2015, and we hope you'll continue to follow us here and on facebook!

    Thanks Barrington Courier-Review!

    Thanks for the mention, Two Moms!

    Some fun facts:

    -This year's display consists of more than 2 miles of rope! (while most ornaments are less than a pound, most of what we use is military paracord with a tensile strength of 750lbs!. Some of the rope is doubled up....enough to hold half of a small car in the air!)
    -Design of new items starts immediately after the prior season is over! (this year's candy canes were being made overseas the second week in January)
    -Each year, we add something new! (2014 - (3) 30ft Candy Canes)
    -We make most of our large decorations
    --Monster Flake was made with 16 strands of lights
    --8ft Candy Canes are PVC that we cut, melted with a torch, fiberglassed, painted. taped and strung with lights
    --5ft Ornaments are rebar that we welded, dressed with fabric and strung with lights (each has a matching color disco ball for a glow effect!)
    --Stockings are about 10ft and made with plywood, draped with a blue tarp and white polyester fabric, and have similar color lights strung around them for a cool night effect!
    --ALL lights are LED :)

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    2014 (Tower Lakes)






























    2013 (Sarasota)














    New addition 2013: 28ft Reindeer 



    In 2013 we added 15 large twinkling tree ornaments and 3 gigantic 5 foot homemade ones!!


    6 eight foot homemade Candy Canes from 2012

    An aerial lift view from down the road 2013!

    See (Lights) for more information on this year's dates and times

    some prior year pics:


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     Lights - 2012 | Monster Flake|
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