About the Lights - Times/Dates

How to Enjoy - Location


About The Lights

--We start decorating shortly after Halloween as it takes several weeks to put everything up,,,and we want to beat the cold...brrrrrr!!!
--From time to time befor Thanksgiving, we turn the lights on and inflate the inflatables to test them. What you may be seeing may not be the final display!!
--For the safety and longevity of the inflatables, they are tucked away during rainy, snowy and windy days.
--We custom make most of the larger decorations. The 30 ft Candy Canes were custom made in China
--Monster Flake was made with 16 strands of led lights and once hung in Florida and Illinois
--The 8ft Candy Canes are PVC pipes that we cut, melted with a torch, fiberglassed, painted. taped and strung with red and white lights
--ALL lights are LED :)


Times / Dates

Lights should be completed by Thanksgiving! 

Daily from 5pm-9pm

Inflatables will not be raised in rain or when windy

Lights off - January 1

If coming from a long distance, please email us to see if display will be up (McParland@gmail.com)


How Best To Enjoy The Lights

Please be respectful of our neighbors - do not turn-around or park in their driveways! Be respectful of traffic. There are several safe ways to loop around to drive by to view the lights.

Kingston has some incredible local eateries! We highly recommend visiting any of them for a bite to eat prior to walking over to see the lights, There is limited parking around the neighborhood, so please follow local parking ordinances

There is a car pad in front of Rudolph to walk on for pictures. Please do not walk anywhere else on the property

Please keep your distance from others in accordance with the CDC guidelines for socially distancing during Covid. it is best to view the display in your vehicle while driving by. If out walking by or stepping on the pad near Rudolph, please wear a mask.



10 Laurel ave

Kingston NJ 08528


Some Photos From Prior Years

A decade of lighting up the Holidays!!

2009 FL | 2010 FL | 2010 (SNOW )FL

  2011 FL | Lights - 2011 (2) | Monsterflake FL

  2012 FL | 2013 FLg | PVC Candy Canes

  Monsterflake FL | 5 Foot Ornaments | Newspaper Pic FLg

  FL Finale | Rudolph in FL | A Twilight Pic FL

  Illinois 1 | Illinois 2 | Illinois 3