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All videos are real and show a 4-way 'Stop' being ignored.
While several "roll"... a dozen children and a paraplegic at this
small neighborhood intersection are no match for a rolling 4 thousand
pound vehicle that will not obey the law.

 After petitions, traffic meetings, and pleas to our elected officials failed.
A Sheriff Deputy was present when a Bus ran the intersection
with children on board, and nothing was done.
We have the video.

Florida ranks the highest in the nation for teen traffic related fatalities.
The mentality seen in the videos are part of the problem.
Coming to us after you lose your children or loved
ones will be too late. Sign our petition, and forward this site on.

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loaded with middle-school kids, this bus runs
our Stop sign into the intersection

another School Bus, loaded with children, does not stop

Sarasota County Area Transit recklessly runs our stop sign

in the path of the School Busses that run our Stop signs...
this car runs the Stop sign at about 50 mph

another car at 50-60 mph running Stop
across from where Busses run the Stop

Beneva Flowers and Gifts runs our Stop signs

a Corvette runs our Stop sign

C&M Trucking runs our Stop sign with 30,000 pounds?

a Sarasota County project running over 50 heavy loaders
through our small neighborhood one morning.
Can you tell how many rolled or didn't Stop?

Videos are uploaded almost every day.
See new ones here: (NEW VIDEOS)

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